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    Amy makes the cutest shit ugh lol

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    I do my eyeliner real thick so he know he fucking with a real ass bitch

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    The kid in the blue grew up to become iconic femme queen face iconic femme queen performer and Legendary Mother of the house of Laperla, Alyssa Laperla

    Dude, I’ve been wondering what happened with that kid since I first saw that scene.

    ugh, that makes me so happy 

    (x) here’s a video of her from 2011, this makes me so unbelievably happy because I always feared the worst had happened to them 

    I’m like in tears… This is my favorite quote from one of my favorite movies. It’s inspired me in so many ways. The way he uses “sisters” is so true to me. I’m so glad he’s doing well :’)

    This is so great. I’ve always thought about this kid.

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